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Hosting Free For the 1st year

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The Deal

Get your website of upto 7 pages @7500.
+ Get Hosting FREE for the 1st year if you Book your order now.

Book your order by paying only 1000

and remaining in 2 installments.


  • Professional Design
  • Responsive Design (Mobile-Friendly Websites)
  • Pure HTML and CSS
  • Upto 7 Pages including 1 Contact form
  • Contact form details are sent to your Email Address.
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Template Based Design
  • Links to your Social Profiles


  • Website Hosting for 1 year.
  • SSL Certificate to make your website secure (https://) for 1 year.*
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (Upto 3 Keywords)

Inputs required from you

  • Content for All Pages
  • Images you want to use in the Website
  • Your Logo to be used in the Website.
  • Your Social Profile Links to be used in the Website.

How it works?

Standard process of Order placement till Final Delivery

  • You Book your order with us

    Once you book your order by clicking the button "Book Now" and paying the booking amount, You are eligible for above given offers.

  • We Acknowledge your booking

    We Acknowledge your booking and inform you about proposed starting date of the project.

  • You Send us required inputs along with Advance Payment

    To start the work we need to have 50% of the order value to be paid by the client.
    Here for example, if the order total value is 7500 and you have already paid 1000 for booking, then you need to pay only 2750 as advance payment.

  • We finish the work and inform you

    We will finish the work with received inputs and will inform you. You will review the work and after little tweaks if any required, the work is done.

  • You accept the work and pay balance amount

    We will finish the work with received inputs and will inform you. You will review the work and after little tweaks if any required, the work is done.

  • Your website is up and running

    After we recive the final payment and your approval, we will launch the site.

Have Questions?

Here are some commonly asked questions by clients.

I have made the payment but no acknowledgement received?

Normally amount paid by client gets credited into payment gateway immediately. But it can take upto 2 working days to realize your payment in certain conditions. Please do not panic. Even after 2 working days you don't get any acknowledgement from us, please contact us at below given email address. Do not forget to mention Transaction ID, Your Email and Mobile No. used while doing the transaction while contacting us.

After Booking the order, How much time it will take to complete my website?

After You Book the order, we check our workload and then communicate with you about the work schedule for your website. This schedule includes Approximate start date which can be from 1 day to 15 days from the date of Booking dependent upon current workload and resurce availability due to current Pandemic Situations.

Once Your project is started depending upon pages it will take upto 7 days for first view of 7 Pages website. After sending the website for your review further time required to completion is dependent upon how much time you take to send your feedback and the time required to apply changes if any you have suggested.

After paying the Booking Amount till what time I can place final order?

After you ave booked your order by Paying the Booking Amount ( 1000) You can place the final order by paying the advance upto 90 days of booking. Otherwise your booking will be "Expired" or "Not Processable".

e.g. If you have booked your order by Paying the Booking Amount on 1st May, You can place your order till 31 July.

I could not place the order within 90 days of booking. What can I do?

After you ave booked your order by Paying the Booking Amount ( 1000) You would have received our thanking email. You can contact us on the email address / phone no. mentioned in that mail. We will check all possibilities and let you know what's best possible at that time.

I already have bought Hosting from other provider. Will this reduce my costing?

No. As the hosting is provided for FREE, removing it from the package doesn't deduct any price.

Will I get the domain registered in this package?

No. You have to register domain separately and have to share the details with us in order to assign that domain to your newly designed website.

I don't have images for my website. What should I do?

You can find some websites offering images for FREE for commercial use. You can visit such websites and select the images you like. Then you can download and send those images to us for using into your website. One of such websites offering Free Images is

I don't have my Logo. Will I get it in this Package?

No. Logo design is not part of this package. However you can place a separate order for Logo with us which we can discuss separately than this package.

I want to cancel my Order. How much refund I will get?

Booking amount ( 1000) is NOT Refundable. When any customer Books his order by paying Booking Amount, we reserve our sources for their project and this is part of the whole work plan. In such cases of Cancellation, we have to face financial losses as the scheduled time of other projects cannot be changed due to this cancellation. Therefore it's not possible to refund the booking amount. If you cancel your order within 24 Hours of paying the Advance payment and inform us in writing to immediately, The amount will be refunded after deducting Booking amount ( 1000) + Transaction Charges as applied by the payment gateway.

For Example: You have Booked your order of 7500 by paying 1000 And after we had communicated you the work and delivery schedule, you have paid 2750 as advance payment. And you want to cancel your order within 24 Hours of paying 2750, then we will refund you ( 2750-Processing charges as charged by the Payment Gateway). 1000 Which is Booking Amount is NOT Refundable

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